CHME - UOL - Batch Distillation

Batch Distillation

Equipment Specifications

  • 6 sieve trays with a partial reboiler and total condenser.
  • Equipment can be operated as a traditional batch rectification column or an inverted batch stripping column.
  • Column is operated using the DeltaV™ DCS.
  • Thermocouples and sample ports on each tray allow for temperature and liquid composition data to be collected.
  • Alarms and interlocks are present for process safety. 

Possible Experimental Objectives

  • Batch stripping or rectification of binary or tertiary mixture.
  • Measuring of pressure drops across each tray using a single component.
  • Energy balances to determine heat loss.
  • Temperature inferred composition control.
  • Rayleigh analysis to predict and analyze changing compositions.
  • Process modeling for predicting and fitting data incorporating pressure drop, heat loss, tray efficiency, and non-ideal vapor-liquid equilibrium.
Batch Distillation System