CHME - UOL - Fluid Properties

Fluid Properties

Equipment Specifications

  • Three feed tanks containing liquids with different viscosities and densities.
  • Gear pump equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD) to manipulate pump speed.
  • Micromotion® Coriolis meter to measure flow and density.
  • Rosemount® differential pressure transmitter to measure the pressure drop across a straight length of tubing.
  • An inline heater is present to heat the fluid if desired. 
  • Equipment is operated using the DeltaV™ DCS.
  • Rupture disc and an unloader are present for process safety. 

Possible Experimental Objectives

  • Determination of the solution viscosity based on the measured flow rate, mass density, and pressure drop across a given length of tubing.
  • Comparison of the head loss and Reynolds number values for fluids with different physical properties.
  • Investigate the effects of fluid temperature on viscosity and Reynolds number.    
Fluid Properties Machine