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Advising Resources

Our goal as faculty advisers of our undergraduate students is to assist them with their course schedules, university protocol, forms and career options.

We have designed our advising methodology, aids and resources to encourage undergraduates to learn the flexibility and choices available in our program and be proactive in taking advantage of options that best fit their abilities, interests, career goals and finances. We also guide students to resources that help them succeed academically.

Advising Packets
Lincoln Campus* Omaha Campus
2017-2018 2017-2018
2016-17 2016-17
2015-16 2015-16
2014-15 2014-15
2013-14 2011-12
2009-10 and after
2007-08 and earlier

*Students on the Lincoln campus can follow any advising packet that was active while they were continuously enrolled. Once an advising packet is picked, the student is strongly advised to follow that particular advising packet until they graduate. For more information on selecting an advising packet, please contact your assigned academic adviser.