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Why Civil Engineering?

Nebraska Student gives thumbs up during I-80 bridge inspection.

Civil engineers provide infrastructure that improves economy and lifestyle. They design buildings that don't collapse, water supply systems that won't make you sick, transportation systems that minimize hazards, and help keep harmful pollutants out of the air you breath and food you eat.

Civil engineers work with consulting firms, government agencies, and in private industry. They work on multidisciplinary teams to solve problems and design systems, and are one of the best engineering jobs available.

Please see the Center for Online Education's interview with Michael Schneiderfor more information about a career as a civil engineer.

The Department of Civil Engineering offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs to students on the Lincoln and Omaha campuses of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Curriculum requirements are nearly identical on both campuses. Our goal is to prepare students for entry into the civil engineering profession immediately after graduation or to pursue high-level research with our experienced faculty.

Delve into our undergraduate and graduate programs and find the area that matches your goals and skills. You can learn more about civil engineering by checking out our emphasis areas.

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