Shahab Karimifard

Graduate Student (PhD)
Shahab Shahrokhinasab
Contact Information:
City Campus (Lincoln)


Water Resources

Xu LiYusong Li

About Me:

Research Topic(s)
  • Hydrodynamics of Bioclogged Porous Media

  • Biofilms, Microfluidics, Comsol, Environmental Nanotechnology, Adsorption, RSM

Educational Background
  • M.Sc., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), 2015
  • B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Isfahan University Technology (IUT), 2011

Research Profiles
Teaching Experience
  • College of Engineering Graduate Student Teaching Fellow
  • Teaching Assistant
    • CIVE 352: Introduction to Water Resources Engineering

  • Nebraska Water Environment Association (NWEA) Scholarship, 2018
  • Othmer Fellowship, 2016
  • Honorary Oral Presentation Award, Asian Nano Forum Congress, 2015

Selected Publications
  • Karimifard, S; Alavi Moghaddam, M.R. (2018) "Application of response surface methodology in physicochemical removal of dyes from wastewater: A critical review", Science of the Total Environment, 640, 772-797.
  • Karimifard, S; Alavi Moghaddam, M.R. (2016) "The effects of microwave regeneration on adsorptive performance of functionalized carbon nanotubes", Water Science and Technology, 73 (11), 2638-2643.
  • Karimifard, S; Alavi Moghaddam, M.R. (2016) "Enhancing the adsorption performance of carbon nanotubes with a multistep functionalization method: optimization of Reactive Blue 19 removal through response surface methodology", Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 99, 20-29.
  • Karimifard, S; Alavi Moghaddam, M.R. (2015) "Removal of an anionic reactive dye from aqueous solution using functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: isotherm and kinetic studies", Desalination and Water Treatment, 57 (35), 16643-16652.