COE Hiring Form

College of Engineering Hiring form

Please keep in mind we need at least one week to complete the necessary payroll paperwork for an employee who is already employed on campus.   If this is a new employee who does not work for UNL, we will need to plan for approximately two weeks to gather the necessary employment documents.

If your request involves a change in current position, a new post-doctoral researcher, temporary staff position or other type of position, this may require additional approvals and we will be in touch with you to communicate a reasonable timeframe for hire.

Please consult with your department’s designated grants staff regarding available funding. 

Note: new employees may not begin working until hiring documents have been completed.  If you have any questions, please contact Allison Backer, Payroll Coordinator at or Nancy Re, Human Resources Specialist at

Appointment Type Wage Range
Student Temporary Appointment $9.00 – $14.00
Undergraduate Internship $9.00 – $19.00
Graduate Internship $9.00 – $24.60
Graduate Assistantship $2,100 per month minimum
Post-Doctoral Researcher Note: Hiring Freeze Exemption Required $47,500 minimum per year
Other temporary appointment Please contact Nancy Re
Start Date *
End Date *
MS or Ph.D. Student?