Covid 19 - Staff

COVID-19 Updates: Staff


COVID-19: Keep Working

Consistent with University guidance, the College of Engineering will begin transitioning as many employees, including student workers, as possible to work from home. It is important to note that the University and College are still open for business, including the physical Dean’s Suites in 114 Othmer Hall and PKI 100. This is not a mandate, but we are encouraging people to seriously consider this option until further notice. Employees may choose to continue working from their offices and worksites and some may need to come in occasionally as needed.

To enable working from home, supervisors and staff should do the following:

  • Supervisors and each of their staff should develop a written and mutually agreeable Remote Work Plan that clearly documents how an individual’s job responsibilities will be met while working from home. Please note this can be a dynamic process and subject to change depending on circumstances.
  • If employees need to take specific equipment home (computers, printers, etc.) to perform their work, connect with your specific departmental contact within the college's Business Office. The college will track what has been loaned out.

If employees are unable to perform their work from home but wish to take leave, the University of Nebraska has several other options to consider, including vacation, sick leave, or possibly administrative leave.

It is essential that we maintain continuity of all of our operations. Faculty and staff working remotely must be accessible by and responsive to email and phone calls.

Please contact Kathy Glenn (402-472-7071) or Nancy Re (402-472-5268) | if you have any questions or concerns.