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As a UNL student, you have exclusive access to UNL’s Husker Hire Link through UNL Career Services. Any employer recruiting College of Engineering students (for either campus, Scott Campus or City Campus) is encouraged to post their opportunities on the site. Husker Hire Link is the main, online connection between UNL students, actively-searching alumni, and employers. 

Start using Husker Hire Link to:

  • Search jobs, internships, and employers
  • Post your updated resume
  • Hear about career-related events and interviews on campus

Tips for engineering students using Husker Hire Link:

  • Please keep your major, minor(s), and anticipated graduation up to date
  • Select your college as the College of Engineering
  • Select all technical, computer-related skills you want employers to see
  • Select appropriate student groups or affiliations, such as “The Durham School”
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