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Disclosures and Agreements

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Student Code of Conduct

While participating in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering Readiness Academy, you not only represent yourself but also your school and community. There are certain behavioral expectations that must be observed by all participants to maintain participation in the program. All participants of the Engineering Readiness Academy are prohibited from involvement in unsafe, irresponsible, and/or illegal conduct. In addition, you must abide by the following rules andregulations:
1. I am committed to fully participate in all activities of the Engineering Readiness Academy.
2. I promise that my attitude, conduct, and appearance will reflect credit on my school and community.
3. I will not sleepover in the suite of a member of the opposite sex. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
4. I will not have in my possession or use drugs, alcohol or tobacco at any time during the program. I understand that university facilities are smoke-free.

The leaders/staff of the Engineering Readiness Academy reserve the right to immediately dismiss from the program anyone who is found to have violated these behavioral expectations.Students dismissed from the program will be sent home without a refund of the program fee.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be immediately notified of the student’s termination.

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