Multicultural Engineering Program FAQ

Multicultural Engineering Program FAQ

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Alma Ramirez-Rodgers
Senior Assistant Director of Student Development

Jayde McWilliams
Coordinator of Student Development

Below you will find answers to common questions about this program. If you find that you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact the program coordinator on your campus of interest:

Scott Campus (Omaha): Alma Ramirez-Rodgers - or 402-554-3618

City Campus (Lincoln): Jayde McWilliams - or 402-472-0960

How do I apply?

City Campus (Lincoln) Instructions: To apply, simply complete the Diversity Enhancement Application in MyRED (under "Admissions," and then under "Honors & Scholarships"). Indicate your interest in the Multicultural Engineering Program, and complete the short essays there. You don’t have to do anything else! Applications are due February 1.

Scott Campus (Omaha) Instructions: To apply, you must first be admitted to the University of Nebraska Omaha and the College of Engineering. Once admitted, you will have access to UNO's Scholarship Application in MavLINK. You will complete UNO's general scholarship application items before seeing the questions for the Multicultural Engineering Program (and the Women in Engineering Program questions, too). You must complete the essays required for the program in this application in order to be considered. Applications are due February 1, but UNO's Priority Deadline for other UNO scholarships is December 1.

If you have a question regarding your application, you may contact your MEP Program Coordinator.

Scott Campus (Omaha) students may contact Alma Ramirez-Rodgers at or 402-554-3618.

City Campus (Lincoln) students may contact Jayde McWilliams at or 402-472-0960

I want to join a learning community. Does that conflict with MEP?

There is no residency requirement for the MEP, so it does not conflict! We simply encourage students to consider the time commitments required for the things they wish to do on campus. If you plan well, you will be able to do both with no problems. 

I want to participate in a sorority/fraternity, William H. Thompson Scholars/Thompson Learning Community, or another program on campus. Does that conflict with MEP?

These programs do not directly conflict! We simply encourage students to consider the time commitments required for the things they wish to do on campus. If you plan well, you will be able to do both with no problems.

Can I apply to the Women in Engineering Program, too? I want to be in both!

You may indicate your interest in both the Multicultural Engineering Program and the Women in Engineering Program on the Diversity Enhancement Application (and complete all of the essays associated with each!), but you will only receive an offer to join one program and will only be able to formally accept a spot in one program.

When will I hear back if I got accepted into the program?

You be notified by March 1 and you will have until May 1 to formally accept or decline your place in the program. Should you decide early, we welcome your commitment!

The website lists a lot of goals like studying abroad or doing research. What if I don’t want to do those things? Can I still join?

It is not a requirement that you pursue any of those opportunities, but we hope that you will be open-minded to consider if any of them will help you reach your goals in the future. Your program coordinator will bring them up to begin discussing your options for educational experiences outside of the classroom, but you will be supported to pursue the ones you want.

The website says that I meet with my program coordinator once a month at first, but then the meetings decrease. Does that mean I can’t meet with my coordinator as often?

Of course not! Your program coordinator will be available for as many meetings and check-ins as you’d like. These numbers indicate the minimum number of 1:1 meetings per semester. You are encouraged to reach out whenever you want or need support, connection, or just a friendly face.