Multicultural Engineering Program

Multicultural Engineering Program

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Jayde McWilliams
Coordinator of Student Development

The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) is designed to identify and engage talented scholars who demonstrate experience with, or commitment to, leadership and diversity.  The program provides professional development, an encouraging academic environment, and a supportive community of peers, staff, and faculty.  All students interested in learning more about the opportunities and developing strategies to overcome challenges of diversity and inclusion in engineering are invited to attend.

What to Expect

• New Student Enrollment: talk to an academic advisor about your course enrollment and meet your program coodinator for the first time.

• Reserved Course Seats: enroll in the same course section with your cohort in large classes as your schedule allows, such as math and chemistry.

Engineering Readiness Academy: get an early start on college life through this bridge program that will refresh your math skills and help transition you to college. All MEP students can apply for ERA on the website by May 1 for free! Contact your program coordinator if interested.

• Group Study Sessions: get together with your fellow MEP students in a focused environment to work your way through homework and other academic items.

• Study Stop: take advantage of the tutors at the College of Engineering’s Study Stop program in courses such as math, chemistry, and physics.

• Success Coaching: for your first year, meet monthly with your program coordinator to strategize for academic and professional success in the present and future. Beyond these meetings, your program coordinator is someone you can reach out to at any time if you want or need support, connection, or just a friendly face.

  • Gallup Strengths Coaching: participate in 1:1 coaching to determine strategies to tap into your Strengths in all areas of your life.

• Professional Development Workshops: attend numerous workshops and events hosted by our campus partners to grow your network and develop the skills you’ll need to succeed, whatever you choose to do with your engineering degree. Connect with industry and alumni who can share valuable advice on their experiences in engineering.

• Scholarship: maintain good academic standing in the College of Engineering (minimum 2.4 cumulative GPA) and active involvement in the MEP to take advantage of a four-year renewable scholarship. Contact the program coordinator for more information.


 MEP students are holistically supported by program staff in Engineering Student Services, as well as other on-campus offices. The scholarship component to the MEP is intended to support students in the program so you can focus on making academics and transitioning to college your top priorities. Contact your program coordinator at any time with questions.