What to Expect at The NUBE Experience: FAQ

As part of The NUBE Experience, it's important that you have an understanding of the program's importance, logistics, and expectations.  While we anticipate many of your questions will be answered on this site, feel free to contact the Engineering Student Services Offices in Lincoln at 402-472-0563 or in Omaha at 402-554-3562 should you have a question that is not answered. You can also email Jen Skidmore,  Director of Student Development, with any questions at all.

We look forward to hosting you at the 2018 NUBE Experience!

What is the NUBE Experience and why is it expected that I attend?

The Nebraska Undergraduates Becoming Engineers (or, NUBE) Experience is a fun and exciting series of events that exposes all first-year students to the College of Engineering and discipline of engineering prior to classes starting. Students who attend the NUBE Experience programs will have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and current students in their department and college; interact with professional engineers in a relaxed environment, and learn more about who engineers are, what they do, and the impact they have on our world through the industry tours.

In recent years, the College of Engineering has noticed that students who attend the NUBE program retain to their second year at a higher rate when compared to those who do not. We believe this is because students who experience the program's curriculum (1) have more context by which to approach their first-year coursework, (2) are automatically networked into the college and industry in Nebraska, and (3) meet other new students who have the same passions and interests.  Aside from the time to attend the program, there is no cost to attend.

Will I have fun?

At the end of each NUBE Experience program, we survey the student attendees to understand more about their experience in the program and learn more about what we can do to improve the experience for future students. In 2016, 93% of the new students who attended would recommend this program to an incoming engineering student. Here were some of their responses when asked for feedback:

  • "I had a great time and met a lot of new people!"
  • "I felt like it was a good way to get to know new students as well."
  • "Amazingness!"
  • "It was so so amazing and I am extremely glad I came. 10/10 -- would definitely recommend."
  • "It's a great time. A really great time. It helped me feel better about myself because I didn't know a single person at school ... I feel a lot better now."
  • "It was great to finally be able to surround myself with students who think like I do."

We are confident this will be a great program to get you on track from the beginning.

I'm supposed to move in my residence hall room that day. What do I do?

Lincoln Students: As a NUBE Experience participant, you the option of moving in to your residence hall room early at your own expense. The nightly rate is $35 for each day you want move-in prior to Thursday, August 16, 2018. There are no early move-in fees assessed for move-in on August 16 or later. From our experience, many students, parents, and guests prefer the early move-in option because it beats the crowds and long lines at the elevators during normal move-in.

You can move-in as early as Tuesday, August 14, 2018. On your registration form, please select the day you plan to move in.

You must still reserve your move-in time on the Move-In Time Sign Ups through MyRED beginning August 1 when sign-ups open up. Any questions relating to early move-in should be directed to Jen Skidmore and not the UNL University Housing office. All early move-in fees will be applied to your UNL student account following move-in.  

Omaha Students:  Move-In dates and times are listed here. If you wish to move in earlier than your allowed move-in date, you should contact the following staff members BEFORE JULY 31 (an additional fee per night may apply): 

What if I have a conflict with another program happening on campus at the same time?

In Lincoln, we are aware of some programs that could potentially conflict with the NUBE Experience programs: Sorority recruitment, Marching Band, International Student Orientation, Raikes Orientation, Big Red Singers and ROTC. We support your participation in the required activities for these groups as we know your experience with them is equally important. Our advice is to attend these programs, as they are equally critical to your transition as a student, and to participate in NUBE as best you can when you're not at other activities. Contact Jen Skidmore to arrange when we can anticipate your arrival and absences.

If you are in a Learning Community at UNL, The NUBE Experience will conclude early enough to allow you to meet your fellow community members and participate in the evening programs on August 16 as scheduled. 

After the Industry Trip on August 17, all Lincoln students will be transported directly to New Student Convocation in time for the festivities.

In Omaha, we are aware of the following programs conflicting: Sorority recruitment, Thompson Learning Community welcome events, Goodrich Scholars Information Day,  UNO Success Academy on Thursday, August 16, and Marching Band on Friday, August 17. Our advice is to attend these programs as they are equally critical to your transition as a student and participate in NUBE as best you can when you're not at other activities. Contact Jen Skidmore  to arrange when we can anticipate your arrival and absences.

When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, August 1, 2018. This deadline will allow us time to submit any early move-in requests to UNL's University Housing office, confirm meals, and assign buses for the industry tours.

Registrations received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed permission to move-in early and/or visit tour sites relating to their major. However, late registrants can still participate in Day 1. Please contact Jen Skidmore to arrange late registration.

Is there a cost to attend?

We believe (and our former NUBE student participants overwhelmingly agree) that the value of this program far outweighs the cost. So, aside from your time, there is no cost to attend.

How can I prepare for NUBE Experience?

Complete your registration and simply show up to check-in on time! Come with a willigness to learn and meet new people!

  • Please bring photo ID
  • Closed toe shoes
  • No dresses or skirts please
  • Pants are preferred
  • Please bring a jacket for those tours that prefer long sleeves for safety
  • No tank tops
  • Phones will be permitted but need to be on silent and in a pocket or bag. **Some companies will NOT allow any photos to be taken inside.

What's the dress code for the Industry Tours?

You will have a great opportunity to interact, connect, and network with engineering industry professionals on Day 2 of the NUBE Experience, so it will be important that your dress is appropriate. Our advice is to dress comfortably and wear closed toe shoes and pants. Our faculty and industry partners understand that it will be hot outside and want to promote a relexed atmosphere as well. There is no need to dress in business casual. You will need to follow a the following dress code to ensure your safety:

  • Please bring photo ID
  • Closed-toe shoes required
  • Long pants or jeans required (no shorts, skirts, or dresses)
  • No tank tops allowed (tour requirement)
  • Please keep an eye on the weather. Many tour sites will have an outdoor component. Plan to dress appropriately, including bringing a raincoat or umbrella as the forecast calls for.
  • Phones are permitted at most sites but need to be on silent and in a pocket or bag. Photography is not allowed on most of the tour sites.

Will meals and snacks be provided?

Yes. On Day 1, there will be snacks provided in both Lincoln and Omaha. For Industry Day, there will be some morning snacks (please eat breakfast beforehand!) and lunch will be provided.

How will we travel during the Lincoln Industry Tour?

For the Industry Tour Day, we will do our best to assign buses and tour routes that are closely aligned with your major listed on your NUBE Experience registration form and/or your learning community assignment. It is important to note that you may tour at least one company or site that is not aligned with your major. That's OK. It's important that you know and understand other fields of engineering so that you have a working knowledge of what engineers are, what they do, and the impact they have on the world. Here are some general guidelines: 

  • Buses will be assigned and you will be required to stay on that bus throughout the day.
  • You will not be allowed to switch buses during the trip, as we will have attendance rosters to log students who enter/depart the buses. We don't want to leave anyone behind.
  • No student will be allowed to drive to/from any of the locations during the industry tours. 

Check the NUBE schedules for check-in times and locations. 

Student Code of Conduct

Although we don't anticipate any issues, all students will be subject to the UNL and UNO Student Code of Conduct while participating in the NUBE Experience programs. Any violations of the student code of conduct will be reported to the university's judicial office and dealt with accordingly.