• Engineering Study Stop - Free Tutoring. 7-10pm Monday-Thursday. Olsson Room, Engineering Library, Nebraska Hall. Free snacks, Hot Chocolate and coffee.

Engineering Study Stop - City Campus

The College of Engineering provides FREE walk-in tutoring services for all engineering students! The courses and areas-of-study the Engineering Study Stop tutors are able to assist with include: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and a variety of other engineering-related coursework. Study with other engineering students and trained tutors to gain more confidence and a better understanding of the course material. No reservations are needed to participate!

NEW! This semester (Fall 2019) there will also be Writing Center consultants, in the same convenient location as our Study Stop tutors! Do you have a writing assignment/lab report coming up?... Come visit the writing consultants early-on to brainstorm, help format, and provide insight on the best ways to tackle your papers/reports.

  • Monday – Thursday (during the academic year when classes are in session)
  • 7:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Olsson Room (Engineering Library in Nebraska Hall W204)
  • MATH, PHYS, CHEM, and select MECH courses
  • Free Snacks / Hot Chocolate / Coffee

In order to make the most out of your tutoring experience be sure to come prepared! Be sure to bring your textbook(s) and any other relevent materials so we can best assist you with your questions.

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