Alex Dukart

Alex Dukart
AE - Lighting/Electrical
Company: Morrissey
Major: MAE - Lighting/Electrical
August 2, 2021

This summer I worked as an Electrical Intern at Morrissey Engineering in Omaha, Nebraska. I am entering my Master’s year of the Architectural Engineering program with an Electrical/Lighting emphasis. I work closely with electrical engineers, lighting designers and technology specialists to assist on a wide variety of projects. Over the summer I worked primarily on the Columbus Community Building, Reality Church expansion, a Core Bank branch, the Lincoln North Star Aviation expansion, and the UNO Roskens Hall renovation. In my second year with Morrissey Engineering, I have been given more opportunities to collaborate with architects and mechanical engineers on projects.

I also have been given more ownership of projects and been able to assist in other services of the firm. Through this increase in responsibility, I have been able to improve my technical knowledge of electrical systems while bringing in skills and knowledge gained from the classroom. My experience with Morrissey Engineering has been an extremely enjoyable one because of the willingness of senior engineers to answer questions and assist at all phases of design. My summer internship has allowed me to gain a better understanding for the complete design and construction process and to improve my skills that will carry on throughout my future career.