Amean Al-abij

Amean Al-abij
Construction Programs
Company: Hawkins Construction
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

My name is Amean Alabij. I was born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska. I am going to be a senior studying Construction Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this upcoming fall. Currently, I’m interning at Hawkins Construction. The company is based out of Omaha. Luckily, the project I am working on is in Lincoln. I am working on the Lincoln South-Beltway. My everyday tasks consist of working labor. So, I am pouring concrete, forming, stripping, grouting and so on. The Lincoln South-Beltway is a big project.

There are multiple bridges, box culverts, paving and dirt work being performed at the same time. I am working on the interchange bridge near highway-77 and Saltillo Road. This internship has really challenged me mentally and physically. The hot weather and the tough labor has shaped not only my body but my way of thinking. I work with a lot of older folks so I am learning to mature pretty quickly. I am very excited to see where this path will take me in my career.