ARCHES Workshop Poster Competition

K-12 Drawing and Poster Competition

This competition is part of the “ARCHES: Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Conservation of Historic and Existing Structures” workshop. The goal of the workshop is to bring international experts together to discuss the state-of-the-art in research and the education in this field.

Competition Description:

The students are asked to consider the following topics and develop either a drawing (K-5th grade) or an informational poster (6-12th grades).

  • K-5 Category Deliverable: Drawings can be in any medium but must be related to the given topics. Drawings are expected to be a fruit of the artist’s imagination inspired by one of the topics.  Suggested size is 18x24.
  • 6-8th and 8-12th Grade Category Deliverables: Posters should include researched information, images, text, and (if applicable) calculations on one of the topics. 8-12 Grade submissions are expected to have some content of physics and math based work (examples: explanation of collapses with researched physics phenomena, basic calculations, analyses, etc…). Posters should be uploaded in .PDF or Power-point form on the upload page provided upon confirmation of registry.  Suggested size is 24x36.


  • Why do buildings fall down?
  • Famous building collapses (can be in Omaha or anywhere else in the U.S. or the world)
    • Poster content: History, Causes, Repairs
  • Masonry Arch Bridges
    • Poster content Option 1: Examples from the U.S. with location, history, size
    • Poster content Option 2: How do arches fail? 
  • How do we structurally repair damaged buildings?

Timeline and Deadlines:

  • Registration (intent to submit) should be completed by midnight on September 18.
  • Posters and drawings submitted by midnight on October 16.
  • Finalists will be notified by October 24th and will be invited to attend the Award Banquet on the evening of November 10.

Competition Awards: There will be one award per each category as listed below. The finalists will be invited to the banquet. Winner will be announced at the banquet, and honored with the award and a certificate.

K-5: $100            ◊ 5-8: $150           ◊ 8-12: $250

For content related questions, please contact Dr. Ece Erdogmus at or call 402-554-2035.  For registration or upload related questions, please contact April Edwards at or call 402-613-3117.

For a printable version, click the following link: