Calvin Hehnke

Calvin Hehnke
AE - Mech/Structural/Acoustics
Company: ETI
Major: MAE - Mechanical
August 2, 2021

Over the summer I worked at Engineer Technologies as a mechanical intern. ETI is located in downtown Omaha and also has a location in Lincoln. Throughout the summer I enjoyed improving not the only the skills that I already possessed from being a mechanical emphasis at UNO but also learning new skills that will improve me as an engineer.

At ETI I am lucky enough to be surrounded by not only mechanical engineers but also by electrical engineers that are there to help me at a drop of a pin. This collaboration showed me the true meaning behind the importance of collaboration within the world of engineering. Throughout the summer I have been able work in multiple stages of design, and I believe this helped me gain a well-rounded understanding of the profession. One of the projects I was involved in was a large renovation for Spreetail.

This project was the first time I was involved from the beginning, and it gave me a true understanding of the efforts it takes from not only a design standpoint but from multi-discipline coordination as well. My favorite project was an addition to the existing Miller Park Pavilion. Throughout this project, there were many obstacles that we were faced with. It was fun to experience the efforts of a difficult design and was very rewarding to see our efforts work successfully. Overall, my summer internship at ETI was challenging, exciting, and truly showed me all the efforts at school have paid off.