Durham - AE Grad Degree Program Summary

Architectural Engineering Graduate Degree Program Summary

Three graduate programs are offered in architectural engineering through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These programs are offered on the Scott Campus in Omaha, Nebraska at the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI). Omaha is located about 50 miles northeast of Lincoln.

The Master of Architectural Engineering (M.A.E.) is intended for students who have graduated with a Bachelor of Science in architectural engineering (B.S.A.E.) from the University of Nebraska. This is an ABET-accredited professional degree, based on coursework and a capstone graduate design project. Students choose a focus area of specialization from (1) lighting and electrical systems; (2) building energy systems and acoustics; and (3) structures.

The Master of Science in Architectural Engineering (M.S.A.E.) is intended for students who did not receive their B.S.A.E. at the University of Nebraska. Options include a thesis-based degree and will be determined based on advisor and student agreement.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Architectural Engineering prepares students for faculty or industry roles. Ph.D students concentrate on an area of specialization from sub-disciplines in building energy, lighting, electrical, acoustics, or structures.

Architectural Engineering Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
All AE Ph.D. students are required to take, and pass, the AE Qualifying Examination before the appointment of the Doctoral Degree Supervisory Committee. Students matriculating with a master's degree must take the qualifying exam by the beginning of their second year in the Ph.D. program, while students matriculating with a bachelor's degree must take the qualifying exam by the beginning of their third year in the Ph.D. program. Click for more information about the Qualifying Exam.