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Scott Pfeiffer

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Scott Pfeiffer

Scott’s path in architectural acoustics began from the stage – from as early as third grade to roles in high school musicals, and on to recitals as part of his music education at Moravian College. To provide a foundation for an understanding of acoustics, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Physics. These interests culminated in graduate participation as a guest student at the Acoustics Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark. For nearly two decades, Scott participated in virtually every aspect of the acoustical consulting profession. His primary early focus was in modeling, measurements, and calculations to support room acoustics consulting, but his comfort in the world of audio quickly led to leadership on projects incorporating electronic acoustic enhancement and provided a strong connection to the audio/video discipline that he continues to emphasize in his room acoustics work.

Scott has presented his work as an invited speaker at Greenbuild, the Concert Hall Research Group, Acoustical Society of America, Audio Engineering Society, League of Historic American Theatres, United States Institute of Theatre Technology, and AIA Chicago, among others. Scott’s writing about acoustics and audio/video systems have been published in the Journal of American Organ Building, CISCA, and the American Organist. He has also been on the part-time faculty at Columbia College Chicago, teaching architectural acoustics in the Audio Arts and Acoustics department. Scott serves on the Knowles Center Advisory Board at the School of Communication Disorders at Northwestern University. Throughout his career, he has carried design responsibility for a large number of performance, worship and educational spaces for music and theatre. He has also provided leadership in the areas of science, technology, and research in the pursuit of unanswered questions in the field.