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Welcome to The Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering and Construction Management. Our programs are located on the UNL City Campus in Lincoln and at The Peter Kiewit Institute in Omaha.

Choosing an Undergraduate Program - Lincoln Campus

Applying for international admission to UNL is your first step in joining The Durham School. If you are ready to choose an undergraduate major offered in Lincoln or are still deciding, use the UNL Admission Application. The priority application deadline for eligibility for most scholarships is Jan. 15.

Choosing an Undergraduate Program - Omaha Campus

If you choose an undergraduate program based on our Omaha campus, you'll complete the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Admissions Application. You'll enroll through the UNO, but will still be a UNL student. The priority deadline for admission for Omaha campus programs is August 1.

Choosing a Graduate Program - Lincoln or Omaha Campus

If you are applying for international admission to one of our graduate programs, on the Lincoln or Omaha campus, use the UNL application for graduate admission.

International Admission Checklists

Durham School Programs

Architectural Engineering

As an Architectural Engineer you design and integrate engineering building system including structural, electrical, lighting, communications, heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing, and fire protection among others. By effectively coordinating these systems, you design safe, energy efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings.

Construction Engineering

As a Construction Engineer you plan, design, and manage the construction process of infrastructure systems including highways, bridges, ports, tunnels, dams, power plants, rails, and underground utilities among others. By effectively executing these tasks while partnering with nature, you build the infrastructure that sustains our modern world.

Construction Management

As a Construction Manager you blend construction knowledge with business principles to plan and execute projects designed by architects and engineers. By effectively managing projects you coordinate the activities of multiple parties, optimize the use of resources, work with a diverse workforce, and ensure that projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget.