City Campus
Joshua Sterns

Scott Campus
Andrew Bechdolt

The Durham School has computer equipment for students to check out, free of charge, for up to one semester at a time*. If the laptop is turned in late, a $25/day late fee will apply.


  • Must be a current student enrolled in classes throughout the duration of the loan period
  • Must be enrolled in a Durham School program
  • Must not have access to a working computer or laptop at home
  • Must possess a current and valid NCard, MavCARD, or driver's license
  • Must be at least 18 years of age; otherwise a parent must consent


  • The user is responsible for the full replacement value of any equipment that is stolen, damaged, or lost during the loan
  • The user may not checkout equipment for any other user, regardless of their student status.
  • If not returned by the due date as described in the Durham School Laptop Check‐Out
  • Agreement, a $25/day late fee will be applied to the user’s student account until the equipment is returned or the fees reach the full cost of replacement, registration may be placed on hold, and/or law enforcement may be contacted
  • Repeated incidents of damage or policy violations, including late returns, may result in the revocation of checkout privileges

*Laptops can be checked-out for longer periods, but a new agreement must be signed each semester to avoid any late fees.