Durham - student feature

Q&A with current student: Geoffrey Wright, Overland Park, KS

Describe your major and why it appeals to you.
Architectural Engineering is the engineering of building systems. People frequently associate Architectural Engineering with architecture. While we learn about architecture concepts, the focus of the curriculum is a breadth education of the structural, mechanical, electrical and lighting systems. After the 3rd year, students pick an emphasis to get a deep understanding of the selected emphasis area. 

What do you participate in outside of classes (clubs/organizations/research, etc.) / and, why are these activities important to your overall learning?
I have held many leadership positions in numerous organizations. I have been President of the Architectural Engineering Student Leadership and Advisory Committee (AESLAC), the UNL student chapter of Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), and Engineers Without Borders. AESLAC is an advocate for AE students. We provide a mentorship program for freshman, an options conference, social activities, and recognition of student achievements.

Have you participated in an internship or co-ops?
I have participated in many internships. I have worked as a HVAC Systems Intern at Johnson Controls, Inc., an Electrical Intern at Henderson Engineers, Inc., an Engineering Intern at Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest, and a Lighting Design Intern at HGA Architects and Engineers. 

What experiences at college stand out most for you so far?
I think my internships and competitions stand out to me the most. In my internships, I have gained practical knowledge through interactions with colleagues. In competitions, I was able to first hand research and explore various design solutions. 

What has been your favorite engineering class so far and why?
My favorite class was Lighting Design. On the first day, the professor told us he would teach us that 2 + 2 = Red. He was not wrong. During the course, I was able to expand my creativity. 

What are your initial career goals after you receive your engineering degree? I am applying for fellowships to send me to England to get my doctorate. If I don't get one of those fellowships, I plan on going into the lighting design industry at an architecture/engineering firm.