Yuebin Yu

Contact Information:
PKI 104F
Scott Campus (Omaha)
(402) 554-2082
Professional Memberships:
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers
International Building Performance Simulation Association
• Building Information Modeling
• Editorial Member, Frontiers In Mechanical Engineering
• Editorial Member, Energy Efficiency

Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering
Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D. - Building Performance and Diagnostics, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S. - Architectural Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Seeking Highly Motivated Ph.D. Students
Students are welcome to apply if you are keen to research and have strong background in:
a. Electrical and computer science and engineering, data science, modeling, simulation and control of cyber-physical systems; or
b. Fundamental thermal science, applied mathematics, fluid dynamics, HVAC systems, or related areas.

Areas of Research and Professional Interest
  • Automated Continuous Commissioning and Advanced Control
  • Building Systems Integration
  • Sustainable and Cascaded Building Energy System
  • Virtual Evaluation of Built Environment with Computational Fluid dynamics
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About Yuebin Yu

Dr. Yuebin Yu's main field is smart building technology and sustainable energy system development, including automated continuous commissioning and advanced controls, web-based fault detection and diagnosis, virtual sensing and metering, cascaded energy systems with active utilization of passive technologies, model-based built environment evaluation. Dr. Yu graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University. During his study at CMU, Dr. Yu has attended multiple government and industrial funded projects.

He has published more than 30 journal articles and more than 10 peer reviewed conference papers. Dr. Yu is a member of ASME, ASHRAE, and IBPSA. He is an active and voting member in the Technical Committee 7.5 for Smart Building Systems and the sub-committee chair of Fault Detection and Diagnostics in ASHRAE. He participated in the revision of ASHRAE Handbook on Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Energy Estimating and Modeling Methods. Before joining University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he had five years working experience including as a VAV product manager and a manager of engineering.



  • Assistant Professor, Durham School of A/E and Construction
    University of Nebraska, 2012-present
  • VAV Product Manager, Trox Air Conditioning Components Co., Ltd (China), 2005 - 2006
  • Manager of Engineering Department, Guangzhou Refrigeration Equipment Institute (China), 1999 - 2000

Courses Taught:

  • AE-4120 Energy System-II
  • MENG-4200 Heat Transfer
  • AE-8940 Special Topics in AE
  • 48722 Building Performance Modeling (Teaching Assistant, Carnegie Mellon University)

Honors and Awards
  • Research Fellow, "Research Development Fellows Program", 2013-2014
  • "Study on Indoor Environment Influence Mechanism and Integrated Control Techniques of Residential Building in South China", Certified by National Education Committee of China
  • Excellent Graduate of Hunan Province (Hunan University)


  • PI: Yu, Y. Co-PI: Yuill, D. "Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) Methods for Supermarkets- Phase I". $ 144,250, ASHRAE.
  • PI: Yu, Y. "A Novel Hybrid Framework on Improving Sensing and Control for Energy Efficient Buildings". $ 39,776, NSF - FirstAward.
  • PI: Lau, J. Co-PI: Yu, Y. "Active Mechanisms for Enhancing Heat and Mass Transfer in Sorption Fluids". $ 143,168, ASHRAE.
  • PI: Yu, Y. "Coupling Phase Change Material and Active Heat Transfer for Free Energy". $ 9,900. UNL-Layman Award.
  • PI: Yu, Y. "Construction of Advanced Smart Buildings Laboratory". $ 25,000. UNL-COE.
  • Investigator, "Advanced, Integrated Control for Building Operations to Achieve 40% Energy Savings". $ 1,773,578.00, with Siemens Corporate Research. U.S. DOE, award DE-EE0003843. Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Investigator, "50% and 80% Reductions Energy Consumption for a U.S. Army Battalion Headquarters Building". $ 12,000.00, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, contract W9132T-10-D-0002 DO 0003, sub-contract with The PERTAN Group. Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Investigator, "Children's Community Pediatrics/GIL Medical Office Environment Study". Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Investigator and project leader, industry funded Continuous Commissioning on multiple commercial buildings.

Selected Publications


Journal Articles:







Before 2013:

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers:

  • S. Yoon, Y. Yu. (2017) "A qualitative comparison of statistical and deterministic methods on the virtual in-situ calibration in building systems". ASHRAE Annual Conference, Las Vegas. 2017.
  • S. Yoon, Y. Yu*. (2016) "Autonomous in-situ sensor calibration method in building systems". IAQVEC 2016, 9th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings. Songdo, Incheon, R. Korea, Oct 23-26, 2016.
  • J. Wang, Q, Zhang, Y. Yu*. (2016) "Intelligent Control of Hybrid Cooling for Telecommunication Base Stations". eSim 2016: 554-561.
  • D. Woradechjumroen, Y. Yu, and H. Li. (2014) “Development of physical-based linear parametric model utilizing virtual sensors for predicating zone temperature in a retail store” Proceedings of Built Environment Research Associates Conference, 2014. Thailand.
  • Y. Yu, D. Woradechjumroen2, and D. Yu. (2014) “Virtual surface temperature sensor for multi-zone commercial buildings” The 6th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE2014). Taiwan, China.
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