Garrett Sila

Garrett Sila
Construction Programs
Company: Hawkins Construction
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

My internship with Hawkins Construction Company started in the spring of 2020 with plans of working only through the summer. However, due to the Coronavirus, I was given the excellent opportunity to continue working full time throughout the school year at the Saddle Creek Retention Treatment Basin. During this time my knowledge of construction has grown exponentially. I have been able to see the installation of multiple deep foundation systems along with extensive excavations and pipe laying.

Additionally, I have broadened my knowledge on the construction of large cast-in-place walls, slabs, columns, and elevated decks and had the opportunity to lead these tasks in the field. In my opinion, this valuable time spent in the field has given me a much more thorough understanding of what it takes to construct such a large, complex, and lengthy infrastructure project. While the Hawkins internship does take a more hands-on and field-based approach, I can assure you that the knowledge, skills, and valuable lessons obtained through this program will pay dividends both in the classroom and as I grow in the construction industry!