Jenna Irwin

Jenna Irwin
AE - Mech/Structural/Acoustics
Company: Wilson & Company
Major: MAE - Structural
August 2, 2021

As a Structural-Emphasis MAE student, this summer I worked as an intern on the Structures Team within the Rail Division at Wilson & Company in Omaha, NE. This internship has helped me better understand how things operate within the industry and what skills are most valuable for engineers to have. I’ve worked on many projects, but my biggest projects from this summer are the UPRR Davidson Fuel Yard Pipe Rack Bridges, UPRR Hensley Siding Track Extension Survey and Proposed Structures, and UPRR 2022 Standard Program Culverts.

I’ve loved everything I’ve worked on, because it’s incredibly different from what I learn in class. My favorite project was the Davidson Fuel Yard project. I was on the project from start to finish and worked alongside our senior structural designer to design and adequately size members based on a RISA 3D Model I created and structural checks I performed. I enjoyed this project most because I was a part of each of the coordination meetings with the other disciplines working on this project, and I was even able to assist with coordination and directly answer other disciplines’ questions.I’ve learned that your rate of responsiveness is crucial, being resourceful will get you far, you never stop learning, and nearly everyone is eager to help if you ask for it.

I have much more engineering knowledge than what I started the AE program with, but I can’t wait to learn as much more as I can as I continue my career.