Lincoln Campus Facilities

Kiewit Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Laboratory

Nebraska Hall - Room 115

Here fifteen student workstations face a massive fifteen panel visualization wall used for displaying detailed computer models and comparing student work. Each workstation is specialized for building information modelling work and the space is used as a hands-on classroom laboratory for teaching and research.
Nebraska Hall - Room 115

Collaborative Teaching Space

Nebraska Hall - Room 116

This classroom laboratory can host classes of up to forty students for guided teaching through the ten large collaboration workstations provided. The space is also available for use by students outside of class time during normal business hours by request.
Nebraska Hall - Room 116

Jim D. and Faye D. Rasmussen Educational Laboratory

Nebraska Hall - Room 176/177

Open 24/7, this eleven station computer lab provides a dependable workspace for the students of Durham School. Each station sports a powerful PC with double HD displays for the viewing of plans and designs and all necessary software installed for applications ranging from estimating to scheduling to Building Information Modeling. Five large screen workstations fill out the space for group and collaborative work. Printing can be done here free of charge.
Nebraska Hall - Room 176
Nebraska Hall - Room 177

Kiewit Infrastructure Group Classroom

Nebraska Hall - Room 188

Nebraska Hall room 188 is a dedicated classroom, which is a part of the newly remodeled construction program suite. The classroom contains two projectors and a ceiling mounted document camera giving faculty the chance to project a complete blueprint overview. This classroom is also equipped with laptops containing construction related software giving students hands-on experience when it comes to software used in the industry today. This classroom opened to students in the fall of 2012 and was made possible through the generous donations of Jim and Faye Rasmussen and the Kiewit Infrastructure Group.
Nebraska Hall - Room 188

Concrete Laboratory

Scott Engineering Center - Room 140

A shared space with Civil Engineering, this laboratory gives up to sixteen students at a time opportunity to get their hands dirty learning about the various substances and materials used in the construction process.