Mario Alsidez-Longoria

Mario Alsidez- Longoria
Construction Programs
Company: Hawkins Construction
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

I am Mario Alsidez-Longoria, I am 20 years old. I am currently in my third year going into my fourth year at UNO focusing in Construction Management. I am currently interning at Hawkins Construction Co. The job site I am currently working on is located on 180th and Blondo. Which is a paving and bridge project.For the most part I worked on the paving side but I have helped on the bridge side as well.

This internship is to help us prepare to become project managers or superintendents at Hawkins. I have never previously worked on a paving job site so I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge about paving and what it takes to run a project like this. This summer I learned that there is more to construction than just reading plans and doing it. I learned that there is a process on how things need to get done and how there different for every project.

I have applied a lot from school into this internship and have also learned a lot from this internship. I am excited to continue learning about the construction industry.