Max White

Max White
Construction Programs
Company: JE Dunn
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

As an intern at JE Dunn, my role over the past 10 months has include a various amount of project management tasks. I have learned and grown a lot since I first started and hope to continue to learn as my internship extends into my senior year. Some of the tasks I have learned include writing and managing RFI’s and submittals, taking meeting minutes, conducting safety orientations, and even being included in PCI’s and CO’s.

Since being in the Durham school, I have learned lots of foundational skills that I hope to continue to build on in my professional future. My internship at JE Dunn has given me firsthand skills that will help me be a productive member of the construction industry. I hope to use my senior year as an opportunity to grow my knowledge even further and to utilize my time at JE Dunn to the best of my abilities.