Trever Ward

Trever Ward
AE - Lighting/Electrical
Company: ETI
Major: MAE - Lighting/Electrical
August 2, 2021

This summer I worked as an Electrical Technicianat ETI in Lincoln. Throughout the internship I greatly improved my understanding of project coordination and electrical design. I worked with junior and senior designers on several projects in many different stages of completion to better understand the process from start to finish. As a smaller firm, I got to know many of the people in the office from the mechanical and plumbing teamswhich helped me fit into my role a bit better than I expected. I was able to work on some local projects which allowed me to complete site visits for equipment and location verification for renovations. Everett Elementary is what I spent most of my first week working on and I visited it a couple times since it was less than five minutes away from the downtown Lincoln office.

Other projects included Adams Middle School in North Plate, Harmon Park in Kearny, Bryan Health, and Sultan’s Kite, a gyro restaurant in downtown Lincoln.I learned a lot throughout the summer, but I enjoyed the laid-back nature of the company the most. I was able to apply what I learned in the design courses tomy work at the firm, but much of the experience can only be taught in the work setting as many firms have different procedures and practices.I learned a lot with this internship, and I am looking forward to what will come next.