Victor Ortiz Morales

Victor Ortiz Morales
Construction Programs
Company: Sampson Construction Co. Inc.
Major: Construction Management
August 3, 2021

Throughout my college career, I have known that engineering-specifically construction-is my preferred field of study. This decision is based on the thought that construction should be an action that promotes social growth as well as contributes to communities' overall health. As I looked for a contractor that embodied those values, I found Sampson Construction. A general contractor that embodies what it means to be an influencing member of a community.

Being an intern at Sampson Construction has allowed me to further my professional skills and prepare for life after graduation. In being an active member of the project management team working towards the completion of various projects, I observed and helped problem-solve unique issues. I frequently interacted with subcontractors to ensure the successful delivery of a project and worked hand in hand with contract administrators to verify the performance of contracts.