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Project Overview

The objective of this project is to document the economic and environmental impacts of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and determine how they can be implemented into the future of Nebraska's transportation sector.
A summary of the environmental and economic benefits for the participating cities for the duration of the project thus far (from November 2014 to October 2016).  The difference in the amount saved per city is due to the number of EVs, Compressed Natural Gas (CNGs) vehicles, charging stations, and activation dates. Cities with “0” savings indicate that their EVs, CNGs, and/or ChargePoints™ are not purchased, installed or activated/in use yet. Regardless of the time frame, the environmental and economic benefits for each community and the overall benefits for the state of Nebraska highlight the impact this project is having on improving our own environment and economic well being.

The locations involved in this project, include: Allen Consolidated Schools, Ashland, Bellevue, Central City, Dakota County, Ferguson House, Gothenburg, Gretna, Hastings, Holdrege, Kearney, Lexington, LES, Lincoln,  Nebraska City, OPPD, Seward, South Sioux City, Valley, and Wayne.