NEVP - Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Predicted Impact

Electric cars produce no emissions at the tailpipe, helping reduce smog levels in cities. Instead, emissions come from the method used to generate electricity; either non-renewable resources like coal and natural gas plants or clean, renewable sources like wind turbines and solar panels. Using the energy makeup of OPPD and NPPD we can find exactly how much GHG is being emitted and compare that to an average gas car. 
The charts below show the electricity makup of OPPD, NPPD and LES using the most recent data avaliable. 




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Driving an electric car for one year can reduce your CO2 emissions by 6,000 to 6,3000 pounds. That is the equivalent of adding 2.3 acres of national forrest or planting 70 new trees! 

Actual Savings

Just like cost savings, the environmental impact of electric cars varies from driver to driver. Using data from the cars and chargers we found exactly how much GHG each car is emitting. 
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