Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)

NPPD’s revenue is mainly derived from wholesale power supply agreements with 46 towns and 25 rural public power districts and rural cooperatives who rely totally or partially on NPPD’s electrical system. NPPD also serves about 80 communities at the retail level. Over 5,200 miles of transmission lines make up the NPPD electrical grid system, which delivers power to about 600,000 Nebraskans.

Table III and Table IV provide a summary of GHG emissions for each vehicle type based on the primary energy source used in each vehicle type for one mile and for one year.  


TABLE I. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factors (grams per mile) for NPPD utility company 

TABLE II. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in lbs. for one year using an average driving distance of 12,000 miles. (1 lb = 453.592 g).