ECE - Graduate Course Listings

Graduate Course Listings

CEEN-8150 Digital Image Processing (3) Topics covering the spatial and spectral analysis of digital image processing systems, the design of multi-dimensional digital filters and systems, and advanced theories and technologies in digital image processing systems. Prereq: CEEN 4240/8246 or permission.

CEEN-8246 Digital Signal Processing (3) The temporal and spectral analysis of digital signals and systems, the design of digital filters and systems, and advanced systems including multi-rate digital signal processing techniques. Prereq: CEEN 3550 (Cross-listed with CEEN-4240.)

CEEN-8336 Microprocessor System Design (4) Microprocessor based systems. Architecture; design and interfacing. Memory design, input/output ports, serial communications, and interrupts. Generating assembly ROM code, assembly/C firmware generation, and designing device drivers. Prereq: CEEN 3130; Coreq: CEEN 3280. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4330.)

CEEN-8366 Embedded Microcontroller Design (4) Microcontroller architecture: design, programming, and interfacing for embedded systems. Timing issues, memory interfaces, serial and parallel interfacing, and functions for common microcontrollers. Prereq: CEEN 4330/8336, STAT 3800. Pre- or co-req: CSCI 4500. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4360.)

CEEN-8376 Parallel and Distributed Processing (3) Parallel and Distributed Processing concepts, principles, techniques and machines. Prereq: CEEN 4360/8366 (Cross-listed with CEEN-4370.)

CEEN-8516 Introduction to VLSI System Design (3) The concepts, principles, and methodology at all levels of digital VLSI system design and focused on gate-level VLSI implementation. Prereq: CEEN 3100 (Cross-listed with CEEN-4510.)

CEEN-8526 Introduction to Computer-Aided Digital Design (3) The concepts, simulation techniques and methodology in computer-aided digital design at system and logic levels. Prereq: CEEN 3100 (Cross-listed with CEEN-4520.)

CEEN-8636 Digital Communications Media (4) Topics related to the transport of bit streams from one geographical location to another over various physical media such as wire pairs, coaxial cable, optical fiber, and radio waves. Transmission characteristics, media interfacing, delay, distortion, noise, and error detection and correction techniques. Prereq: CEEN 3550 or 3610. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4630.)

CEEN-8666 Telecommunication Engineering I (4) Standard telecommunications protocols, architecture of long distance integrated data networks, local area networks, wide area networks, radio and satellite networks. Network management, internetworking, system modeling and performance analysis. Prereq: CEEN 3610; CEEN 4630/8636 prior to or concurrent. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4660.)

CEEN-8716 Computer Communication Networks (4) This course investigates the standard protocols and hardware solutions defined by the International Standard Organization (ISO) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for the computer communications networks. Included are ISO OSI model, IEEE 802.X (Ethernet, token bus, token ring) and Asynchronous Transfer Modals (ATM) networks. Prereq: CEEN 3250, 4330. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4710.)

CEEN-8736 Mobile and Personal Communications (4) This course provides basic concepts on mobile and personal communications. Topics include system design fundamentals, trunking theory, mobile radio propagation, fading and multipath modulation techniques, spread spectrum, diversity, multiple access techniques, and interference. Examples of mobile communication systems will be presented including GSM systems, IS-136, and IS-95. Prereq: CEEN 4630 or equivalent. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4730.)

CEEN-8756 Satellite Communications (4) This course provides the fundamental concepts of satellite communications. Emphasis will be on the physics of orbits, launching satellites into orbit, spacecraft design and operation, radio frequency link, modulation and multiplexing, multiple access, satellite transponders, earth stations, interference and special problems in satellite communications. Prereq: CEEN 3250 or equivalent. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4750.)

CEEN-8766 Wireless Communications (3) This course provides the fundamental concepts of wireless communications. This course starts with basic communications concepts such as modulation, multiple access, spectrum efficiency and spread spectrum. This course integrates propagation, speech coding, radio, standards, internetworking, link budget and design. Overview of satellite communications will be followed. Current issues in wireless communications are discussed in this class. Prereq: Permission. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4760.)

CEEN-8796 Optical Fiber Communications (4) Fundamentals of lightwave communication in optical fiber waveguides, physical description of fiber optic systems. Properties of the optical fiber and fiber components. Electro-optic devices: light sources and modulators, detectors and amplifiers; optical transmitter and receiver systems. Fiber optic link design and specification; fiber optic networks. Prereq: CEEN 4630. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4790.)

CEEN-8800 Random Processes in Engineering (3) Topics related to the concept of random variables, functions of random variables and random processes. Prereq: STAT 3800

CEEN 8826 Antennas and Radio Propagation for Wireless Communications (4) Fundamental theory of antennas and radio propagation for wireless communications. Basic antenna characteristics and various antennas and antenna arrays. Basic propagation mechanisms and various channel models, such as Friis free space model, Hata model, lognormal distribution, and multipath model. Includes practical antenna design for high radio frequency (RF) with modeling software tools such as Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) and ADvanced Design System (ADS). Design projects will be assigned as the main part of course. Prereq: CEEN 3280

CEEN 8846 Network Security (3) Network security and cryptographic protocols. Classical encryption techniques, block ciphers and stream cyphers, public-key cryptography, authentications digital signatures, key management and distributions, network vulnerabilities, transport-level security, IP security. Prereq: CEEN 3250

CEEN-8860 Spread Spectrum Communications (3) Introduction to the theory of spread spectrum communications: direct sequence, frequency and time hopping techniques. Topics include properties of pseudo-random binary sequences, low-probability-of-intercept (LPI) and anti-jamming (AJ) methods, performance of spread spectrum systems, applications of spread spectrum techniques in radio frequency and optical code-division multiple access (CDMA) systems. Prereq: CEEN 4630/8636 or permission.

CEEN 8886 Wireless Security (3) A comprehensive overview on the recent advances in wireless network and system security. Security issues and solutions in emerging wireless access networks and systems as well as multihop wireless networks. Prereq: CEEN 3250

CEEN-8916 Special Topics in Computer and Electronics Engineering IV (1-4) Special topics in the emerging areas of computer and electronics engineering at the upper level which may not be covered in the other courses in the computer and electronics engineering curriculum. Prereq: Permission. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4910.)

CEEN-8926 Individual Study in Computer & Electronics Engineering IV (1-3) Individual study at the senior level in a selected computer or electronics engineering area under the supervision and guidance of a Computer and Electronics Engineering faculty member. Prereq: Senior or graduate standing and departmentally approved proposal. (Cross-listed with CEEN-4920.)

CEEN-8930 Independent Study in Computer and Electronics Engineering (1-3) Individual study at the graduate level in a selected computer or electronics engineering area under the supervision and guidance of a Computer and Electronics Engineering faculty member. Prereq: Departmentally approved proposal.

CEEN-8950 Special Topics (1-3) Special topics in the newly emerging areas of computer and electronics engineering not covered in the other courses in the computer and electronics engineering curriculum.

CEEN-8990 Masters Thesis (1-6) Masters thesis work. Prereq: Admission to masters degree program and permission of supervisory committee chair.

CEEN-9260 Statistical Signal Processing for Wireless Communications (3) Statistical signal processing and applications for wireless communications covering the characteristics of random signals, optimum linear filters, statistical parameter estimation using maximum likelihood (ML) and minimum mean-square error (MMSE) methods, adaptive signal processing using least-mean-square (LMS) and recursive least-square (RLS) approaches, Kalman filtering, and eigenanalysis algorithms. Applications of the statistical signal processing techniques in wireless communications will be explored. Prereq: CEEN 4240 or 8246, CEEN 4760 or 8766, and CEEN 8800. Not open to nondegree students.

CEEN-9770 Space-Time Wireless Communications (3) Theory of space-time (ST) wireless communication systems. Emphasis will be placed on spatial diversity, smart antenna systems, MIMO capacity of multi-antenna fading channels, space-time signaling, space-time receivers and interference mitigation. Includes overview of more advanced topics such as MIMO-OFDM and current trends in research and industry. Prereq: CEEN 4630, CEEN 4760.

CEEN-9790 Non-Linear Fiber Optic Systems (3) Linear and non-linear propagations in optical fibers. Topics include fiber non-linearity, fundamentals of optical amplifiers, semiconductor and fiber amplifiers, soliton communications. Applications include high capacity and long distance transmissions, all-optical networks. Prereq: CEEN 4790/8796 or permission.

CEEN-9920 Research Other Than Thesis (1-6) Supervised non-thesis research and independent study. Prereq: Permission and graduate standing.

CEEN-9980 Advanced Special Topics (1-3) Advanced topics in computer and electronics engineering not covered in other 9000 level courses. Prereq: Permission.

CEEN-9990 Doctoral Dissertation (1-24) Dissertation research. Prereq: Admission to doctoral degree program and permission of supervisory committee chair.