COE Teaching Scholar Title Track Requirements

Requirements for Earning the COE Teaching Scholar Title

Below you will find the activities required for completing Tier 2, a two-year program where COE Faculty work towards earning the Faculty Teaching Scholar Title.

Congratulations on earning the title COE Teaching Fellow in years 1-3 of the program! By completing all activities and earning your title, you are part of a selective group of faculty that can either maintain your title’s active status annually for up to 3 years, or apply for the Teaching Scholar Track. Below is an infographic of the Teaching Scholar Title track program timeline, a 3-year program where COE Faculty Teaching Fellows work towards earning the title Faculty Teaching Scholar. We have also included a table of the specific requirements of the program. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, please contact, Dr. Amie Sommers, or Dr. Tareq Daher.

Year 1 Requirements: Fall 2021-Spring 2021 Academic Year
Year 1 Goals
  1. Develop a SOTL research project
  2. Become familiar with research involving human subjects (CITI Training and IRB preparation)
  3. Schedule data collection and materials in preparation for Year 2 research activities
Fall 2021 Goals
  1. Complete CITI Training
  2. Develop research idea and questions
  3. Share IRB application draft with the ECEC and colleagues
  • CITI Training (Due October 31, 2021)
    • Download your certificate of completion from the CITI portal and submit it to Dr. Markeya Peteranetz (
  • One-pager of research idea(s) (Due for discussion in meeting scheduled on November 18, 2021)
    • For each idea (if you are considering more than one) include a brief description of the study focus, significance/purpose of the project, research questions, data collection procedures, and literature cited (at least 3 peer-reviewed journal citations)
    • If you have a general research area you are looking at feel free to meet with the ECEC team to talk through your ideas
  • Share a draft of your IRB (see template forms provided) with the ECEC team (Due December 20, 2021)
Spring 2022 Goals
  1. Finalize research plan
  2. Submit IRB application for approval
  3. Schedule Year 2 data collection
  • Submit IRB application for approval (Due March 15th, 2022)
    • If you would like feedback from the ECEC team please send us your draft IRB by March 4th, 2022 for incorporation into your final IRB application
    • There may be several rounds of review and feedback to incorporate before you can initiate your project, so it is important to submit your application early
  • Attend semesterly cohort discussion meeting (March 21, 2022)
  • Schedule Year 2 research activities and prepare necessary materials (Schedule outline and materials due May 15, 2022)
    • Plan for your data collection events, including preparing any permission or consent forms, focus group questions, instrument materials, etc. for any pre-/post-intervention activities

Year 2-3 Requirements: Fall 2022-Summer 2024 Academic Semesters
Year 2-3 Goals
  1. Execute planned data collection, analysis, and other research activities
  2. Present research project to other COE Faculty
  3. Prepare and submit a manuscript to a peer-reviewed SOTL journal
Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Goals
  1. Collect data according to scheduled research activities
  2. Analyze the data using the outlined methodology
  3. Identify a peer-reviewed SOTL journal for your manuscript submission
  • Conduct data collection per your planned research schedule
    • If you outlined pre- and post-instruments, focus groups, interviews, etc., ensure these occur according to the research schedule
  • Analyze the data you collected according to the methodology you outlined in your IRB and research plan
    • If you are partnering with other collaborators to conduct data analysis, check in regularly to ensure this is moving forward for your Spring 2023 deadline
  • Outline your manuscript for submission
    • This outline will be based on the formatting requirements for the peer-reviewed journal you have selected
    • While you will be waiting to complete your data collection and analysis prior to drafting those sections, you can fully draft the literature review or 'background' section of your Introduction at this time
  • Attend Fall and Spring semesterly cohort discussion meeting (Fall: October 14, 2022; Spring: TBA)
Fall 2023-Summer 2024 Goals
  1. Finalize your research project with approval of the ECEC
  2. Present your findings to COE Faculty
  3. Submit a manuscript for publication in a relevant peer-reviewed journal
  • Complete your data analysis
    • If you are partnering with other collaborators to conduct data analysis, ensure they also provide appropriate figures or tables to contribute to your Results section
  • Present your findigns to other COE Faculty (Date, TBA)
  • Complete your manuscript draft and share with any collaborators for feedback (including the ECEC; Due May 1, 2024)
  • Submit your final draft to the peer-reviewed journal you have identified (Due August 1, 2024)
    • As the publication process can require several revisions over the course of months, the Tier 2: Scholar requirement is for submission of your paper, however, it is understood you will proceed with the necessary actions to see this manuscript through the full publication process