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Microsoft OneNote

OneNote Guides

One note is an application that is included in the Office 365 bundle that all faculty and students have access to. OneNote allows you to create personalized notes, import various content from Microsoft Office programs, annotate PDF's, be used as a "virtual whiteboard" with the use of VidGrid, and much more.

Here are some tutorials to get you started and understand how OneNote may help you in your remote courses.

These videos are made by Microsoft to get you started with Microsoft OneNote. You can also see these videos when you open up Microsoft OneNote for the first time on your computer. These videos can be seen on the right-hand side.

OneNote Video Training Resources

OneNote can also be used to create entire course notebooks and guides. These can be shared with students so they can see your notes, annotations, complete homework, and other information that you wish to share with your students.

How to create Class Notebooks for OneNote

For a more in-depth look, this video will walk through the options in more detail and may provide more information for the objective and goals you wish to complete with OneNote.

Long Video Tutorial

 For questions or tutorials please contact the ECEC. These options are found at the ECEC Remote Teaching page.