EAN - What teachers are saying

What teachers are saying...

"I felt like the ambassador presentation was very beneficial to our entire school. The ambassadors were prepared with great information about engineering. The Ambassadors were engaging, polite and interacted with our student body with a professional attitude that set the tone for a positive visit. "

"We see several presentations from various colleges and this is one of the best. Well done!!"

"The middle school students have been talking about the presentation on buoyancy and of course, who 'won' the challenge. But the best part is they are TALKING ABOUT IT - and excited. I also hear them talking about design and how they would change theirs, why their boat didn't work as well, etc. That is the exciting part!!!"

"The kids were excited to have college kids come in and work with them. They will remember the presentation-particularly the hands-on activity for a long time!”

"I believe the EAs are a total plus for schools and especially classes that teach science and STEM related subjects. Having the EAs come is a real credibility boost for ITE/STS. The EAs are legitimate serious students who present very interesting topics for our students. There is no doubt in my mind the EAs are going to bring students into engineering programs at the collegiate level. What a worthwhile outreach for the University of Nebraska! The EAs promote our worthy cause to plant the seeds of success in our students? Inviting the EAs promotes our program directly with our school, administrators, counselors, parents etc.."