Enroll in these Masters of Engineering Management courses

Enroll in these Masters of Engineering Management courses

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Current UNL College of Engineering graduate students are invited to enroll in the following Masters of Engineering Management courses, which are 100% online (delivered through Canvas LMS) and offered during the 8-week Fall-B mini session (October 22, 2018 – December 14, 2018)

ENGR 805 (section 791) – Analysis of Engineering Management (3 credit hours)
This course provides an overview of the role that groups and teams play in achieving organizational success. Essential theories and concepts provide a framework for understanding and analyzing how teams are formed and function, including socioemotional and sociotechnical considerations. Critical issues in leading teams and managing team effectiveness are examined, including but not limited to power, influence, and conflict.

ENGR 891 (section 702) – Special Topics: Quantitative Analysis for Engineering Management Decisions (3 credit hours)
This course covers quantitative decision tools to manage operations. Knowledge of topics covered in this course is essential to an engineering manager to effectively conduct business and communicate with internal and external members of work unit and organization. Emphasis is on problem formulation, software solution, and interpretation for application and decision-making. Topics include: decision analysis, multi-criteria decision making, queuing theory, project management, simulation, forecasting, and inventory management.

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