Friends of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering (FUNCET) supports the college in its efforts to attract and educate the engineering leaders of the future.

The mission of FUNCET:

  1. To encourage activities that help recognize the importance of engineering professions and to recognize people and organizations doing meritorious service in their professions
  2. To promote and support the mission and program of Nebraska Engineering
  3. To encourage the establishment of scholarships, loan funds and fellowships for engineering students
FUNCET continues to provide the same services, potentially increasing support for the college. Any alumni who have an interest in the success of the college can be involved. Some major efforts in which FUNCET actively supports the college staff and students are:
  • Develop a list of volunteers who can support and enhance the quality of the college
  • Encourage middle and high school students at recruitment activities
  • Promote extracurricular activities, E-Week, awards ceremonies, etc.
  • Help develop long-lasting ties to promising donors and major contributors
  • Organize reunions and activities that combine athletic events with academic presentations and student recruitment
  • Hold an annual golf tournament to raise funds for the organization and its scholarship funds

How you can get involved:

  • SUCCESS Scholar Program for undergraduate engineering students (speaker) - throughout academic year
  • Shadow Week at Lincoln Campuses (interaction over lunch) - for admitted COE students 
  • PKI Jr. High Discovery Day (speaker or panelist) 
  • PKI Sr. High Discovery Day (speaker or panelist) 
  • Learning for Life Engineering Day for high school students (conducting workshops)
  • Industry Trip for current undergraduate students (participant) 
  • Freshmen Mentor
  • E-Week Open House (senior design judge) 
  • Sr. High Engineering Exploration Week (conducting workshops for high school students) 
  • Jr. Engineering Exploration Week (conducting workshops for middle school students) 
  • N.U.B.E. Camp for first-year engineering students (roundtable panelist) 
  • Women Interested In Engineering (WIIE) Day for prospective students (panelist) 
  • PKI Fall Open House for prospective high school students (panelist)
  • FUNCET trustee