Funded Research Assistantship: Groundwater-Surface Water Hydrology and Water Quality

Contact - Aaron Mittelstet
Department - Biological Systems Engineering
Students Needed:
• Graduate
Stipends are available from a USGS 104g grant for a PhD and MS student or two PhD students. The objective is to collect data such as nitrate concentrations, isotopes and seepage rates to inform a surface water/groundwater model. The model will be used to identify the location and type of management practices to implement to reduce nitrate in both the surface and ground water in the Bazile Creek Watershed. This project builds on prior work in the watershed, as described at

Competitive candidates will have an MS or BS focused on hydrology, hydrogeology, or a related engineering field. Field and/or modeling (MODFLOW) experience is preferred

Salary information: Minimum of $28,800/annually
Preferred start dates: Start of June 2023

Position includes tuition remission for full-time status during fall, spring, and summer semesters for two years (MS) or three years (PhD). Will be required to pay fees. Fee information for prospective graduate students can be found at:

Eligible for subsidized student health insurance. Information can be found at:

About University of Nebraska-Lincoln:
Potential students may opt for a degree from Biological Systems Engineering or the School of Natural Resources (SNR). The broad diversity of agricultural practices, climate, habitat, hydrology, soils, and near-surface and subsurface geology across Nebraska provides a multitude of opportunities for field study in each of these areas. Our excellent faculty conduct research throughout Nebraska, across the United States, and around the world. How to apply? Send email to Aaron Mittelstet at