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MEM Course Curriculum

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Course Curriculum and Credit Hours:

The Master of Engineering Management degree program requires 30 credit hours: 9 core credits, 9 business minor credits, and 12 elective credits. This degree is offered with courses provided through the College of Engineering and the College of Business Administration online MBA program. All MEM core and MBA online courses are 3 credit hour semester courses intended to be completed in an 8-week period.

Required MEM Courses (9 Credit Hours):

These three courses are required for the Master in Engineering Management degree:

Required MBA Courses (9 Credit Hours):

Three business courses are required to fulfill the business minor. The following courses have been the most common among MEM students:

Additional MBA courses may be available through subject areas such as:
Supply Chain Management and Analytics (SCMA), Finance (FINA), Marketing (MRKT), Management (MNGT), and Economics (ECON).

Required Engineering Electives (6 Credit Hours):

The following electives have been offered in the MEM program. Other Engineering courses can be applied as well, students may need to take additional prerequisites beyond the MEM requirements.

Note: At least 15 credit hours must be completed in engineering coursework. (9 core credits and at least 6 engineering credits)

Flex Courses (Engineering, Business or Other) (6 Credit Hours):

Students can take additional courses in Engineering, MBA or other graduate courses. To be eligible for some electives, students may need to take additional prerequisites beyond the MEM requirements.