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Coordinator, Master of Engineering Management

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Organizations are in need of engineers who are able to understand the inner workings of technical projects, systems, and tools while understanding how to manage successful teams and organizations. The Master in Engineering Management (MEM) degree is a great fit for these engineers and is considered the MBA for engineers and technical professionals. Combining engineering and business curriculum into one degree, the MEM prepares engineers and technical professionals for project management and leadership positions within their organizations.

The UNL MEM degree is centered on relevant topics and allows technical professionals to relate classroom experiences with workplace challenges. It emphasizing on problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making by studying topics including; organizational structure and development, supply chain management, finance, accounting, process and economic analysis, project management, business theories and practice.

In The News:

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The UNL College of Engineering's Master of Engineering Management program ranks:

  • 13th in the 2019 rankings of the Best Online Masters in Engineering by Best Masters Programs Organization
  • 28th in the U.S. News & World Report's 2019 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs rankings
  • 8th in the 2016 50 Best Online Master's Programs in Engineering Management by Top Management Degrees
  • 23rd in the 2017 Best Online Master’s in Engineering Management Programs on superscholar.org
  • 6th in the 2018 Grad School Hub Most Affordable Top Online Master’s Degree Programs in Engineering 
  • 40th in the 2017 College Choice rankings for best online engineering programs
The MEM program was very beneficial in the management and technical aspects of my position. The graduate level engineering courses helped me learn and apply advanced engineering concepts to complex engineering problems. The MBA courses helped me understand the basic financial principles that are required to balance my budget.
Donald Tryon MEM Class of 2016, Union Pacific