Current Group Members

Aslam, Hasnat (Ph.D..  in Natural Resources-Applied Climate Sciences: 01/2021-now)

Applications of Arificial Intelligence and Information Technologies on (Re)design of Climate-Resilient Infrastructure 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Cronk, Jonathan (Masters in Biological Systems Engineering: 01/2022-now)

Modeling Vadose Zone Water Quality and Quantity for Aquifer Resilience 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Espinosa, Michelle (BS. in Computer Science: 10/2022-now)

Python applications for climate syntheses. 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Hellen Greer
Greer, Hellen "Penny" (in training for MSc in Natural Resources. Applied Climate Sciences; 07/2016-now)

Understanding and Communication and Attribution of Extreme Precipitation to Climate Changes

Jagriti Jain
Jain, Jagriti (Ph.D.  in Water Resources Development and Management: 08/2019-now)

Machine Learning and decision Support Systems for Predictive Analytics of Floods in India
Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee Co-advised with Dr Deepak Khare MHRD Fellow.  

Daniel Rico
Rico, Daniel A. (Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering: 08/2021-now)

Design and Construction of an Unmanned Aircraft for High Throughput Phenotyping and Software Development
Co-Advised with Carrick Detwiler (Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering's NIMBUS Lab). 

Graduate Committees

Helda, Noordiah
Helda, Noordiah. (Ph.D. in Civil Engineering: 08/2015-now)

Estimating physical vulnerability to floods in Indonesia's Martapura River Basin using GPM
Committee Member (Advised by Asse Kilic) Fulbright Fellowship.