Current Group Members

Aslam, Hasnat (Ph.D..  in Natural Resources: 01/2021-now)

Applications of Arificial Intelligence and Information Technologies on (Re)design of Climate-Resilient Infrastructure 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Hellen Greer
Greer, Hellen "Penny" (in training for MSc in Natural Resources. Applied Climate Sciences; 07/2016-now)

Understanding and Communication and Attribution of Extreme Precipitation to Climate Changes

Jagriti Jain
Jain, Jagriti (Ph.D.  in Water Resources Development and Management: 08/2019-now)

Machine Learning and decision Support Systems for Predictive Analytics of Floods in India
Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee Co-advised with Dr Deepak Khare MHRD Fellow.  

Lucas, Nora (BS.  in Natural Resources and Mathematics: 05/2021-now)

Conceptual framework for the assessment of socioenvironmental vulnerabilities of native American communities to compound events
UCARE Fellow.  

Moreno, Victor (Bs.  in Biological Systems Engineering: 05/2021-now)

Surface water-groundwater interactions 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Student Athlete 

Rubi Quinones
Quinones, Rubi. (Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering: 03/2020-now)

Analytics of High Throughput Phenotyping for Multi-scale Sensing and Software Development
Co-advised with Ashok Samal and Sruti Das Choudhuri (Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering). Fellow of the National Science Foundation Research Training program. 

Daniel Rico
Rico, Daniel A. (Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering: 08/2021-now)

Design and Construction of an Unmanned Aircraft for High Throughput Phenotyping and Software Development
Co-Advised with Carrick Detwiler (Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering's NIMBUS Lab). 

Sarzaeim , Parisa (PhD in Biological Systems Engineering: 08/2018-now)

Cross-scale predictability and mapping of phenotypes; Effects of Extreme Hydrometeorological and Climate Events in Agriculture; Uncertainty Analysis

Sinyigenga, Laetitia (BS.  in Natural Resources: 05/2021-now)

Water management in irrigated landscapes
UCARE Fellow.  

Seibel, Abby (B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering: July 2020-Now)

Decision support systems for climate-resilient water and agricultural resources.

Shyaka, Mig (B.S. in Natural Resources: July 2020-Now)

Climate analytics and data sceince for climate-resilient infrastructure in Rwanda.

Zarco, Armando
Zarco, Armando (Master in Biological Systems Engineering: 01/2021-now)

Climate-Resilient Water Resources Engineering and Policies 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Graduate Committees

Helda, Noordiah
Helda, Noordiah. (Ph.D. in Civil Engineering: 08/2015-now)

Estimating physical vulnerability to floods in Indonesia's Martapura River Basin using GPM
Committee Member (Advised by Asse Kilic) Fulbright Fellowship.