Hourly Student Researcher (Field Testing of Irrigation Systems)

Hourly Student Researcher (Field Testing of Irrigation Systems) - Wittich Research Group
Contact - Christine Wittich
Department - Civil Engineering
Role(s) Needed:
  • Research Assistant
  • Undergraduate Assistant
Students Needed:
• Graduate
• Undergraduate
Applicants should be currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in civil, architectural, or mechanical engineering (or similar). This paid position expects approximately 10-15 hours of work per week with approximately 8 day or overnight trips with the research team to field sites in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. Candidates should possess excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. The position will involve experimental data collection in the field and data processing. This position is available effective immediately. Please contact either Dr. Wittich (cwittich@unl.edu) or Dr. Richard Wood (rwood@unl.edu) with inquiries or to apply for this position.