International Engineering Minor

International Engineering

International Student overseas This minor is designed to encourage and recognize undergraduate students who enhance their engineering education with courses and experiences consistent with the global nature of engineering and the economy. A minor in International Engineering can increase your marketability in an increasingly energy-dependent, environmentally aware world.

This minor is for engineering majors only:
  • A total of 12 credit hours of courses in international engineering and related courses:
    • A minimum of 3 credit hours must be in ENGR 490 courses
    • A minimum of 6 credit hours must be in 300-level courses or above
    • A maximum of 6 credit hours may be taken Pass/No Pass
  • Two semesters with a minimum of 6 credit hours of college-level foreign language; the actual number of credit hours taken will depend on the specific courses taken by the student.
  • Participation in a study abroad experience approved by the associate dean of Academic Affairs and the College of Engineering
  • A minimum of 9 credit hours of the course work listed for the international engineering minor cannot count toward the undergraduate engineering degree or the master of architectural engineering degree.
Note: the respective departments for the Energy Science and International Engineering minors can provide lists of approved elective courses.