IT/AV Support

Network Changes

Drastic network changes coming soon to all campuses between now and June 30, 2021.  Changes almost all aspects of wired campus networking (to be more like wireless).  Wireless changes to support WiFi 6 standard.

Zoom Information

To get started with Zoom, learn how to schedule and record a lecture or conference, as well as reserving our Learning Spaces and Remote Teaching Classrooms see CoE Zoom Support 

Video Editing

You're an instructor, not a video editor... Wanting to get rid of the 5-10 minutes of inactivity at the beginning of your Zoom video? Stopped and started over during an important point? Let us know how we can make your video look a little bit better. Fill out our Video Editing Request to get started.


Click/Tap to see software available to College of Engineering affiliated people.

UNL Antivirus Cortex XDR install

2020-09-24: ITS is asking for immediate action to install Cortex antivirus on all university computers.  There is a serious credible threat.  More information can be found here. (Palo Alto Cortex XDR is the replacement for Symantec AV.)

If you have a Surface Pro X, there is currently no Cortex for that ARM version of Windows yet.  So there is nothing to install.

Mac 10.15+ systems may need this information about full disk access.

Learning and Collaboration Spaces

Forward to Fall 2020 - "Every Room Is A Distance Room"

View our Forward to Fall 2020 Classroom FAQ to learn about our Fall 2020 classrooms plan.

The College of Engineering supports a number of rooms for local and remote teaching and collaboration. Most rooms are equipped with computers, whiteboards, conferencing equipment, document cameras and wireless video. They are suitable for Blended and Flipped Learning, small groups, and traditional lecture style.

Rooms managed by the Dean's Office may be scheduled through the CoE Room Reservation System - Lincoln Reservations | Scott Campus Reservations

Get information about the CoE rooms.

Enabling Duo

Update 2020-10-08: If a faculty member has not enabled Duo anywhere, then their accounts will not be forced to Duo  Two-Factor until December 15, 2020.  However, if is Duo enabled on anything, it will be pushed to all services (Canvas/Office 365).

Update 2020-08-03: Mandatory Duo Two-Factor is now coming the first week of October 2020 for UNL.  It will be rolled out by first letter of last name. (UNO accounts will go two-factor October 1, 2020).  Current Two-Factor enrollees will see Two-Factor implemented on Canvas and Office 365 before that.  If you are not running Outlook 2016 or newer, Outlook on Android, or a new Apple Mail, you will not be able to read mail via an app.  Reading via the web will work however.


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Miscellaneous Information

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Status Information

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Engineering and Computing Education Core

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