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Zoom Information

To get started with Zoom, learn how to schedule and record a lecture or conference, as well as reserving our Learning Spaces and Remote Teaching Classrooms see CoE Zoom Support 

Video Editing

You're an instructor, not a video editor... Wanting to get rid of the 5-10 minutes of inactivity at the beginning of your Zoom video? Stopped and started over during an important point? Let us know how we can make your video look a little bit better. Fill out our Video Editing Request to get started.


Click/Tap to see software available to College of Engineering affiliated people.

Learning and Collaboration Spaces

The College of Engineering supports a number of rooms for local and remote teaching and collaboration. Most rooms are equipped with computers, whiteboards, conferencing equipment, document cameras and wireless video. They are suitable for Blended and Flipped Learning, small groups, and traditional lecture style.

These rooms can be scheduled for recording lectures during the during the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester in both Omaha and Lincoln.

Rooms managed by the Dean's Office may be scheduled through the CoE Room Reservation System - Lincoln Reservations | Scott Campus Reservations

Get information about our rooms.

Enabling Duo

Update: 2020-03-16 The Mandatory Duo of May 15, 2020 has been postponed.  However, with the increase in PHISHing and other attacks, it is still the best protection.  It is also still required for VPN access to campus resources.

As you have likely read, Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is going to be required on all UNL acccounts on May 15, 2020.  It will be required on most services including Canvas and Office 365 email at that time.  Any accounts enabling Duo now will have Canvas and Office 365 enabled immediately.

Miscellaneous Information

Information that doesn't easily fit in its own category.

Engineering and Computing Education Core

For instructional design and teaching practices assistance, visit the Engineering and Computing Education Core page