BYOD changes may be needed after August 1, 2023

After August 1, ITS made further changes to their requirements for BYOD.  Just running the VPN may not be enough to get you to a proper level to connect to things anymore.  See personal device security from ITS

MAJOR change to using VPN coming July 5, 2023.

Starting July 5, 2023 all users--including BYOD/personal computers using the UNL VPN accessing "secure" sites on-campus will need to meet several new requirements.  Using the VPN for other purposes should not be changing. See Phil Redfern's email sent to current users of the VPN.

E-Mail outage 20-Jan-2023 starting at 17:30.

All users will not be able to send or receive UNL email from 5:30pm on Friday, Jan 20 until sometime the morning of Saturday, Jan 21st (some users will have a very short down time while others will have longer, as Microsoft will have to apply an updated license to each account).

SEC Power outage scheduled for 2022-12-06 16:00-22:00 (Tuesday)

SEC has a scheduled power outage on 2022-12-06 from 16:00 until 22:00.

IMPACT: All 480 V power will be shut off during the power outage which is expected to last 6 hours. SEC freight and passenger elevators will be out of service during the power outage. The SEC Lowest level and 3rd floor will not have elevator access. Othmer and Engineering Research Center Elevators will be available to service SEC Levels 1 & 2. All SEC 480 V powered equipment should have planned power shutdown prior to the outage if required.
REASON: Electrical service change over due to new construction

Duo changes coming 2022-11-20 (Sunday)

ITS is changing how Duo works and looks.  It is changing to a 'Universal' prompt that is supposed to work better on phones and Apple devices.  Duo's information on this is at:

VidGrid is working again (2022-11-02 19:20)

VidGrid issues resolved:

VidGrid access is down (2022-11-02 17:30)

VidGrid is having issues:

Zoom Login / Single Sign On fixed (2022-10-28 11:15)

Zoom logins are supposed to be working again.

Zoom Login / Single Sign On not working (2022-10-28 08:25)

Zoom logins are not working.  Sessions limited to 40 minutes, no cloud recordings:

Adobe Licenses fixed (2022-09-30)

Because they are.  Procurement is working on it.  See:

Adobe Licenses are showing as expired (2022-09-26)

Because they are.  Procurement is working on it.  See:

MATLAB license has been renewed (2022-08-31)

MATLAB licenses are expiring August 31.

Procurement is working on it.

ALL outside inbound email lost 2022-08-22 13:05 and 14:26

ITS made a configuration change that resulted in any outside mail (including to mail to be lost.  More info coming as available.  Note this includes any emails for support to from addresses.

Network Changes--Legacy Network now turned off

As of about 08:00 July 6 2022, the "Legacy Network" has been turned off.  If you are still using or trying to use a system that has a 129.93.X.Y address on the UNL campus it shouldn't work.  If you had an address like that and you did not move to the "Unified Network", then your address is now probably 10.64 or 10.65 (in Lincoln) and you are at a level 1 network access.  RDP sessions to your computers will no longer work unless you've registered them for an "RDP Exception".  Please submit at ticket at if you have issues.

Network Unification round 2 in progress

By June 30, 2022, all systems will need to be migrated to the new unified network.  This includes those things that were left on the 'legacy' network for various reasons.  Basically at this  point, if you still have a 129.93 address, you're probably in the legacy network and will need to move at some point.

Box Access being removed December 6, 2021

December 6th marks the end of Box.  Access is slated to be removed at that point,

NETWORK CHANGES Oct 16-17 2021

Changes to wired and wireless networking coming.

New Duo app coming

Around October 12, Duo will start pushing a new App for Two-Factor authentication.  It changes the layout, and the approve and reject button are swapped.

Zoom to require no more than 9 month old versions starting Nov 1.

Zoom will require versions to be no more than 9 months old to work starting November 1, 2021.  At this point that means you need at least version 5.5.0 (5.8.0 is the current version).  You will be forced to upgrade (to the latest version) when you try to join a meeting with a version older than 9 months.

PKI has had several Power Outages in the last week (Sep 22).

This causes numerous problems, including lack of distance classes.

Palo Alto Global Protect VPN for Surface Pro X available

Palo Alto finally released a VPN for the Surface Pro X that works.

OneDrive storage issue 2021-08-26

More info: For any content which exceeds the 1TB storage quota, users may only be able to see their content in read-only mode. If users were set to 5tb they will go read only after reaching 5tb. Whilst in read-only mode, users can access their content in OneDrive for Business, but are unable to make changes.  Scope: this is a global issue affecting all our Microsoft 365 tenants and any user over the quota set on their OneDrive account.  Microsoft is currently working on a fix, and we will provide updates as they are  available.

EDUROAM is having issues today 2021-08-23

Investigating - An intermittent eduroam connection problem is under investigation. Technicians are investigating the issue.

Returning Faculty/Staff

If you had a desktop computer at home during COVID-19, you may experience networking issues--especially if you do not use UNLAD as your login.  If you use eduroam, you will likely be okay if you see the eduroam Access Point. Printing may be an issue as network printers now need to be addressed using their name, not their IP address.  If you use WiFi but do not see the eduroam access point, you'll need to manually update your WiFI network drivers from Intel (see Network Changes section below).  If you have difficulties, send an email to

Cisco VPN discontinued

If you're having troubles connecting to library resources with the Palo Alto VPN, you may need to use methods detailed by the library

Upgrade your Windows PCs immediately due to PrintNightmare

There is a patch needed immediately for ALL MS Windows computers.  Unpatched systems are vulnerable to a remote system compromise that can totally take over your system.  Update all windows computers.  Microsoft even released a patch for Windows 7 which was end of life last year.    More information is at Microsoft on the vulnerability.  A patch was released July 6th.

OneDrive and SharePoint Information

ITS has an FAQ available, and their training schedule.  We've written some intructions that may help.  Setting up OneDrive on Windows.  Configuring SharePoint so you can access SharePoint files via OneDrive.  Most of the Dean's Office employees are having their Box moved to OneDrive the weekend of March 27th.  Also, several College Box folders will be moving.  If you're not part of the Dean's Office but have files shared to you from someone in the Dean's Office, or from a College Box folder under the Dean's Office, you may need to setup OneDrive and SharePoint to see the newest version of these files.  Departmental Box folders are not migrating at this time.

Network Changes

Drastic network changes coming soon to all campuses between now and June 30, 2021.  Changes almost all aspects of wired campus networking (to be more like wireless).  Wireless changes to support WiFi 6 standard. SEC, NH, Othmer changed on February 27, 2021.  STC in Omaha changed May 9.  PKI in Omaha is slated to change May 22.

New VPN Available

The University system changing from the Cisco VPN to Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN.  Once downloaded, the site to connect to is then  You still login with your TrueYou credentials.  This VPN uses a more standard interface to the Two-Factor login.   The Cisco AnyConnect VPN is currently slated to run for a long while, but the maintenance contract is ending June 30, 2021 going to be SHUTDOWN JULY 1, 2021.

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UNL Antivirus Cortex XDR install

2020-09-24: ITS is asking for immediate action to install Cortex antivirus on all university computers.  There is a serious credible threat.  More information can be found here. (Palo Alto Cortex XDR is the replacement for Symantec AV.)

If you have a Surface Pro X, there is currently no Cortex for the ARM version of Windows yet.  So there is nothing to install.

Mac 10.15+ systems may need this information about full disk access.

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