Cortex Antivirus

University Antivirus

2020-10-01 Latest Windows version is now NU_Cortex_713_Win_x64

2020-09-24 Immediate Action Requested

ITS AVP & CISO Rick Haugerud writes:

ITS has received serious, credible threat intelligence that has made it necessary to require installing the Palo Alto Cortex endpoint protection application on all University-owned endpoints immediately. To be clear, there is no active incident, but we do need to be proactive now to avoid an incident. ITS will automatically deploy Cortex to all endpoints enrolled in the managed environment starting this evening. We understand you may have questions, but for confidentiality reasons, we are unable to provide detailed information about the threats at this time.

Again, I cannot emphasize the critical nature of this enough, and the expectation to immediately act on this information.  We will be following up with IT leads over the next several days to continue to assist and monitor progress in responding to this urgent matter.

Links to Manual Cortex Installer for Lincoln institutional devices: (now located on SharePoint as ITS has moved from box)  Most Windows users will want the file: NU_Cortex_713_Win_x64.msi (ie, the 64 bit version).

If you get a screen about Change, Repair, Remove, instead of 'Install', then you already have Cortex installed and you can cancel out of that window.

For Personally owned devices, you can use the installers from

Palo Alto Cortex XDR Antivirus is the replacement for Symantec Antivirus.  UNL's Symantec license expired June 30, 2020.  If you have a University copy Symantec AV on your system, please remove it before installing Cortex XDR.

If you are enrolled in Endpoint Mangement with ITS (SCCM or JAMF Pro) then Cortex has likely already been deployed to your system.  In that case, when you run the installer, it will show you choices of changing or removing.  You can just exit at that point as you are covered.  You can also look for a green 'shield' icon in the system tray in the lower right corner.


If you have a Surface Pro X, there is currently no Cortex for that ARM version of Windows yet.  So there is nothing to install.

Mac 10.15+ systems need this information about Full Disk Access.