Information for Students

Remote Access to Lab Computers

With in-person classes back.  Remote access to CoE lab computers has ended.

The computers in the college computing labs are available for use via Remote Desktop.  You will need to use the university's VPN in order to connect to them from off-campus.  Windows users should already have Remote Desktop on their systems.  Mac users can install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the app store.  Note that the VPN requires Duo Two-Factor to be enabled/used also.

Currently, the computers blocked from local access can be accessed at any time remotely.  Systems for local access can currently only be access locally.  This may change in the future.

Free Mi-Fi loaner hotspots for off-campus students (via ITS)

August 2021--This likely no longer available with in-person classes now the norm.

CoE was told last spring we could not do this.  Now at least ITS is able to provide MiFi hotspots to those off-campus for network.  First-come first-served.  Click here for ITS page (requires login).

November 11, 2020: They're still available for over the long break.  Click for details.

Drop in Study Spaces

Need a space to study on-campus?