OneDrive Setup

Configuring OneDrive for first use

Short Version (for Windows)
  1. Login to your computer and start File Explorer
  2. Click on OneDrive on the left site of the File Explorer window
  3. Enter your My.UNL account with an '' at the end and click 'Sign in'
  4. If you have an account that pre-dates Office 365 at Microsoft, you may need to next click 'Work or school'.
  5. Enter your My.UNL account and password (optionally click 'Remember my credentials' if you don't want to be prompted again in the future.
  6. Perform UNL Two-Factor authentication if needed.
  7. It's probably best to leave the location of the OneDrive folder alone unless you know what you're doing.
  8. Leave check or uncheck what you may want to 'backup' to OneDrive.  This example has all unchecked since it was being setup as a test.  Two reports show that if you 'sync' Pictures, it in fact moves Pictures to the cloud.  You may want to uncheck that, and then manually configure it later to sync.
  9. Click through, and it will eventually say open OneDrive.  Do that, and you should be setup.  You should see a 'OneDrive - University of Nebraska-Lincoln' folder.  If you have other OneDrives, they should still be there too.
  10. You may need to do something similar from inside an MS Office Application to get access to OneDrive for some reason.
Long Version (for Windows)

Click for the longer annotated step-by-step version