Status Information

2021-08-30 12:30 ITS: UNO network issue.

2021-08-26 08:30 ITS:  OneDrive Storage issue can't save if you have over 1TB.

2021-08-23 09:00 ITS: EDUROAM Investigating - An intermittent eduroam connection problem is under investigation. Technicians are investigating the issue.  Status Page from ITS

2021-05-26 09:00 ITS: Email auto-forwarding having issues.

2021-05-17 08:00 ITS: Some network issue Sunday morning knocked printers off-network.  Rebooting seems to fix them.

2021-05-14 10:00 ITS: Level 1's back online properly.

2021-05-14 08:00 ITS: Last night's fix seems to have knocked off Level 1 wired network access (those with a 10.64 IP address).

2021-05-14 08:00 ITS: The fix last night seems to have resolve the issues with Zoom and other latency issues.

2021-05-13 17:15 ITS: They are rebooting a network device at 18:30.  Some devices may need rebooting (I have had success with unplugging/replugging network cable too). ITS Status page for issue

2021-05-13 08:15 ITS: Network issue was not resolved last night.  They are continuing to investigate.

2021-05-12 20:00 ITS: Network issue with wired controller most noticible during Zoom/Teams meetings.  At 20:00 they will be forcing a migration away from that controller.  No downtime anticipated.  May need to check on printers and other 'headless' type devices.

2021-05-11 09:00 ITS: Some Outlook desktop clients are showing no data.  Workaround is to use Web Outlook.

2021-04-05 16:00 ITS: Level 1 access restored.

2021-04-05 14:15 ITS: We have lost Level 1 wired network access across the NH-SEC-OTHM complex again.  Probably campus-wide.

2021-01-18 18:00 ITS: Network backbone outage completed.

2021-01-05 12:30 ITS: Avery Hall Building Network Outage currently under investigation - Issue with user authentication being investigated all networking down. ITS Status. (Resolved)

2020-12-21 08:00 ITS: ITS apparently changed Active Directory servers over the weekend breaking a lot of logins that require AD.  Engineering staff use (the Z: drive) which is one of the services.  ITS Status.

2020-09-29 06:00 ITS: All Microsoft 365 issues appear to have subsided, and all systems are performing as expected. We're continuing to monitor for any reoccurring problems.

2020-09-28 17:55: ITS: Microsoft 365 services under investigation Investigating - Problem with multiple Microsoft 365 services is under investigation. Our vendor is investigating the issue

2020-09-24: No current known major issues.

ITS Status Page

ITS has a status page for most of their systems.  Click here to view.